Chinta o chetana, a premier Socio-Cultural Organisation of the State of Orissa Founded by Dr.Harekrushna Mahtab in 1980 is spreaded over its branches allover india and now it is a noted Organization of the Nation. Dr. H.K.Mahatab remained its National Chairman till his last, then takenOver by Shri Biju Patanaik as its National Chairman till his Last.Then after Smt.Nandini Satapathy Became its national Chairperson till her last. Now it is being headed by Dr. Damodar Rout as its National Chair-Person, Sri Debi Prasad Mishra as Chair-Person, (Festival Committee), Dr. Achyuta Samanta as President, Sri Surendra Das as its founder Secretary General with Luminaries of the Country.

Chinta O Chetana not only dedicated for the cultural upliftment, but also committed for theUpliftment of  socially,economically and educationally downtrodden community in large.Chinta O Chetana is also in operations of rescue and relief at the time of disasters from time to time.It also organises seminars.

Eminent personalities from different fields are closely associated  with  Chinta O Chetana and Dedicated to the cause of socio-Cultural Development of the people in every corner of the Country. Apart from it emphasis on Cultural activities, as a means of strengthening nationalUnity. The Organisation lays stress on Social  Service and Economic Development as Part ofthe wholesome development of the people wherever it works.

Chinta O Chetana organize seminar, workshops conference etc. in different subjects and of tropical interest. It has been able to create an awareness of unity in the diversity that is india, through its annual cultural festivals like the weeklong Odia New Year Day Celebration styled as NATIONAL BAISHAKHI FESTIVAL, BASANT FESTIVAL (on day spring) and Five day NATIONAL BARSHA FESTIVAL for last 30  years.

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